Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Season Photo Album

As this Christmas season comes to an end, I thought I would share some photo highlights with you.....
All dressed up for Christmas Eve Mass

After Mass, we always drive around for a little while looking at Christmas lights. It's so fun! We try to find Christmas music on the radio to complement the light displays we see. We've come to know where some of the most festive houses are around here, but we are always on the hunt for new ones.

At home, we have our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of breaded shrimp, crescent rolls, fries, and corn. We are usually rushed for time (either due to hungry children or having to get to Mass, depending on how things go that day), so it's good to have these convenient yet traditional favorites. And of course we have Oplatek.

We have started the tradition, a few years ago, of exchanging gifts that the children have for us and each other on Christmas Eve, after Mass. In the flurry of excitement on Christmas morning, it's easy for the children to forget to say "thank you" to a sibling for a well thought out or handmade gift. I find that if we take our time on Christmas Eve, for the children to open gifts from each other, they show their appreciation more. They've really come to look forward to this time. They enjoy watching as their sibling opens a gift that they worked so hard on. And I give them each one handmade gift from John and I, too.
How adorable is this duck that Taylor made for Evan?!!
And this snowman that she made for Skylar?! Sky loves him! He's soooo soft!
Evan seemed to enjoy his homemade dressup box from mommy and daddy......

and his family photo album from Alexa. He loves looking at the photos of people who love him.
Alexa was OVERJOYED with her felt food! I still need to make her the pizza and breakfast tray. She was especially happy with the Teatime tray.I found this cute large photo storage box for her to keep her felt goodies in. It slides under her bed (away from the exploring and sometimes destroying hands of Evan). All of the girls enjoyed some time under the cozy fleece blanket that I made for Skylar.Taylor received this adorable card/book from Alexa. She used Alice in Wonderland stickers, crayons, and her imagination to describe why she loves her sister. It really touched Taylor's heart. Alexa made another book for Sky, filled with Skylar's favorite things...
Skylar chose this Tinkerbell "magic cloth" for Alexa.....
and a Little Einstein's coloring book for Evan....
And these delightful earrings for Taylor.....
I can't seem to find photos of it, but Taylor made a messenger type, dark pink, patterned bag for Alexa to carry all of her goodies in! It even has clever pockets on the front that suit the kinds of toys Alexa likes to have with her. (You can see the pink strap of the bag over Alexa's shoulder).
I painted and designed for Taylor, a small wooden box with The Cheshire Cat on the top. She seemed to like it. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find photos of it, either.

Some scenes from around our home on Christmas Eve....
Our Family Altar Above the fireplace.

I'll have to stop here, for now. I'll continue sharing our Christmas photo highlights with you as soon as I can. Hope you enjoy your weekend!




Grandma Jo said...

Thanks for sharing, Teen! Love all the pics! The kids did great making gifts for each other, and you, too! What a great idea to open those gifts slowly so appreciation can be shown. Love you all!

Auntie Michelle said...

WOW - what a wonderful xmas you all had! The handmade gifts the girls did were so sweet! Those are always the best gifts!

Evan looks SUPER in his dress up costumes! How clever is that for a present! I bet he loved it!

Love, Michelle
PS The kids looked so pretty and handsome (evan) all dressed up for mass! :)