Saturday, November 22, 2008

Toddler School for my Little Guy

This past week, Evan worked with the wooden beads,
hung the monkeys from a bucket,
practiced using the shape sorter, and built a tall tower with mommy.
He also built a clown face felt puzzle, with some help from mommy,counted peanuts and fed the elephants,did some stamping,and also sorted and counted colors and shapes on this math activity bar. Then Evan did some more math using these number cards and noodles.
For fun, he played with bubbles,
and his Thomas Trains.And then he did some repairs around the house.
He also played outside with his sisters and went to co-op on Friday. And we read plenty of stories throughout the week. We visited the library and played playdoh. This is one busy little boy! No wonder he needs a nap every day!

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Grandma Jo said...

What cute pics! How'd you find time and remember to take all those pics? Anyway, one busy little boy plus 3 daughters makes for one busy Mom/teacher, too! Hope you are getting a nap, too.