Monday, November 24, 2008

Scenes from our Feast of Christ the King Teatime

The cake baking.....

and decorating for Christ the King.

The finished results........
Sky's made an "I *heart* Christ" cake. and Alexa wanted hers to look more like a crown. They had so much fun decorating their cakes however they wanted.Teatime hugs....And somehow, they always get a little silly during this time.....(as you can see by Alexa trying not to laugh with cake in her mouth).
And the decorations to glorify the King...... Coloring the beautiful image of Christ the King.......
Evan had to be a part of the action.....
They turned out beautifully!
And the jeweled candle holders turned out lovely, too.

For their liturgical year notebooks, Skylar and Alexa made these (Sky didn't finish hers, yet).
Hope your weekend was wonderful! Have a great week!

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