Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Outside Play Area for Evan

I rearranged all of the stuff on our deck, today. Evan loves it outside as I've mentioned before but it's not always convenient for me to be out there with him. I can take him out for a while, but he wants to be out there for hours, so I decided to clean off the deck to make room for some things he will enjoy. That way, he can play safely on the deck, in my sight, but I can be doing dishes or making dinner.I didn't think to take any before pictures. The moment was there, so I seized it. I got rid of some old junky things since it was our garbage day, and that made room for the little car and all the other toddler toys you see here. A friend of mine is lending this car to us, although she insists we can just have it. She's so sweet! Evan loves it!

We've had the slide for years. It was given to us when Taylor was little, and it comes out of storage everytime we think it will get played with again.
All of these things are great entertainment for Evan, but nothing is as awsome to this little guy as a sandbox (next best thing to diggin' in the dirt!) I bought some sand at the end of the summer, to put in our Mr. Turtle Sandbox. Mr. Turtle is another thing that's been around since Taylor was very young. Every time he gets brought back out and filled with sand, he gets lots of attention. Evan was so excited, he was clapping and saying, "yay, sandbox!".I must say, though, that this is the first time Mr. Turtle has been filled with BLUE sand. I didn't go in search of this odd phenomenon. It was all they had left at Walmart. So blue it was! (BTW, it's by Crayola and it's nontoxic~that was a concern of mine when I bought it.)
As you can see, all of my kids were drawn to this stuff! Even the neighbor girl came over to play!

Evan had such a good time out there on the deck for literally hours! I'm just wondering how well this deck with all it's goodies will occupy him when his siblings tire of it and venture into the yard.....without him. Oy. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.


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Grandma Jo said...

Thanks for the pics and info. Wow, never heard of colored sand except for sand art. Was it more expensive than regular sand - or getting it at the end of summer did you get it on sale? I'm sure it makes sandbox time more nteresting. That is a neat play area for Evan - and his sisters. Love you all!