Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Learning From My Children

Evan loves to be outside. He is all over the place (I'm so happy we got that fence!). He will run, jump, climb, knock over, roll on, uproot, throw and explore anything and everything he can get his hands, feet or whole body on. I can see that there is no stopping him. I prefer things neat and clean. Not that I don't enjoy nature. I just don't dive into it, head first like he does.

But I can see that it's not just a want with him. It's a need. If I try to deny him this in-depth relationship with the natural world, I'm denying him an essential part of his childhood....of his relationship with God. After all, this is one of the first ways a child, especially a boy, experiences God. We are teaching Evan to pray. He attends Mass with us, (sometimes~that's a challenge at his age). He watches Holy Baby or a similar video as the girls and I pray the Rosary. And he is familiar with images and statues of Jesus, Mary and the saints. Not to undermine those important parts of his faith training. But I think that there is something so personal about a relationship with God through His creation.

All of my children love nature. Just some more than others. Skylar tends to be like Evan. Very much into exploring every part of the great outdoors. She wants to splash in the rain, dig in the dirt, catch (small) wild animals, bugs and even slugs and really experience nature, not just view it from a comfy spot (like her mother is inclined to do).

Maybe with the two of them, and their love of nature , I'll grow in that aspect of my relationship with God, too. But I'm not catching any slugs ever in the near future.



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Grandma Jo said...

I'm wondering where Sky or Evan get this love of nature if it is hereditary. Not from you or John - I guess from Pappy Jack and maybe Grandpap Vasicek? Good for them. You got your love of nature but "not going there" from your Mom, I'm sure. I love St. Francis of Assisi - but can't get where he was with nature. Going on retreat this weekend and sitting in the sun with God and looking at the flowers he created (hopefully - rain seems to be south and east of Pgh but Greensburg IS east of Pgh but they mentioned Ligonier so maybe it will miss us or we'll just get some of it - I know rain is a gift from God, too) or walking around the Stations of the Cross is about my limit with nature. Especially not into creepy crawly things. Where did God get the idea for THEM!? From Himself I guess. As far as I'm concerned, he could have left them out of the world, but of course I know in some way that would have messed up our eco-system. Have a great weekend Vasiceks! Love you all!