Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Contribution to Nature

We knew something had been tearing up our swing. We didn't know what, exactly. Until I caught him in the act! A squirrel peered through the sliding glass door at me one morning as I was eating breakfast. He was on the back of the swing with a mouthful of white stuffing from our swing. He looked right at me. He had so much fluffy stuff sticking out his mouth, that I couldn't help laughing. He looked like Santa Squirrel. I wish I could have taken a picture, but he was away in a flash!

The swing was old, anyway. And now we can feel good knowing that part of that swing will go towards making a warm, snug home for a little squirrel family. I'm hoping that as the leaves continue to fall in the woods behind our house, we'll catch sight of the coziest looking squirrel nest around.




Grandma Jo said...

You know more about nature more than I do, but don't squirrels live IN trees? But I'm sure it will be the coziest squirrel house ever - in a tree - but you might only get to see the hole - possibly with some fluffy white stuff sticking out. Good luck in find the nesting place of the squirrels - and in getting a new swing. Love you all!

Tina said...

The squirrels can live in hollowed out trees, but we've also seen their nests in the branches of the trees in the woods behind our house. The nests are very high up in the mature trees and look like a large clump of leaves, sticks and dirt (and this year, white fluff).Squirrel nests are larger than the bird's nests I've seen and we can't really see them until the leaves fall off the trees in Autumn. From what I've read, they can also live in vines and make more than one nest.
We'll probably hold off on getting a new swing. Love you!

Grandma Jo said...

Ok, you can always learn something new. Squirrels with nests on the branches of trees. And just a thought - they might have swings on sale right now to save in the box for next year. Love ya!