Monday, September 1, 2008

Recycling Craft #2 (Preschool/Early Elem. Activity)

I first did this craft when my oldest was in Kindergarten. She needed to learn to tie her shoes, without sitting there with a shoe all day. So we made a Shoe Tie Can. You need one Pringles can, 1 sheet of construction paper (child's favorite color), tape, hole punch, sharp knife, shoe string, stickers and markers.First, I prepared the top. Ideally, I would use the hole punch to make 8 holes, 2 by 2, down the center of the circle lid. But since my hole punch wouldn't go in that deep, I used a knife and made criss cross slashes for the center 4 holes. Then you just lace it up, like you would a shoe.
The next step is to cover the can with the construction paper. I just used tape to hold it in place.
Place the lid on top.
On this one, I used stickers to write "I Can Tie!". The reason we use the tall pringles can, is so the child can hold the can steady, between her knees and be right above the shoestring as they practice. I plan on presenting this to Alexa during our study of safety (keeping shoestrings tied so you don't trip). I will give her decorative and "motivational" stickers to put on the outside to decorate it. She can also draw on it with markers to "make it her own". I think she'll enjoy this.
And in no time she'll be an ace at "shoe tying".

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Grandma Jo said...

It's interesting how you make this into a game almost! Then learning to tie your shoe is not such a chore for the child - and these days they don't always wear shoes that have shoestrings - but some day they might so it's good to learn this "art" when they are young so if they get shoes when they are a teenager they will know how to tie them! Love you all!