Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Spontaneous Art Class

We use the vinyl tablecloths on our diningroom table. Not the most attractive, but they help protect the table. Last night I needed to change the tablecloth to a new one I purchased because the old one was getting shabby. I thought, "Maybe I should let the kids paint before I change it, so any paint spills will get on this old one." But then, I decided to take it one step further and let them paint the tablecloth itself.
They just painted whatever they felt like painting.
Evan looked at his hands in disbelief....
They thought it was pretty cool. I just let them go to town.

But then Evan went a little too far....

"Bathtime, Evan!" Luckily he loves his bath as much as he loves to paint.




Grandma Jo said...

Cute and clever idea, Teen! And you can just keep the pictures as a memento! I'm sure the kids had great fun! And they'll remember the day they painted the tablecloth!! Love you all!

Harley Quinn said...

What dose "kit rocks" mean?

Tina said...

Kit is Kit Kittredge from the American Girls series and we had recently seen the movie. We all loved it. She's my favorite of the American Girls.

Harley Quinn said...

Ohhhhh! Now I get it, I know who your talking about now!