Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another Evan Update

After 2 days of bland foods and Evan acting fine, happy and playful, he threw up around 7pm tonight. Why? I have no idea. I'm calling the doctor again tomorrow. He has been throwing up every 2-3 days since July 6. And he's fine in between. It's a mystery and it has me a bit concerned.

Please say a prayer for my little guy.


Grandma Jo said...

Now that is a puzzle!! Please keep us updated. I am praying for him - and you! Hope everyone else stays fine. I guess you are feeling better now? Please know all of you are always in my prayers. Love to all! (and give Evan a hug for me, please!)

Maddy_Loves_Anime said...

Hes still sick!? Poor Evan!

Auntie Michelle said...

So sorry to hear little Evankins is still sick! That is the worst! I hope everyone is well! You are all in our prayers!

Give Evan a kiss from us! (We sent his bday gift a bit early, we were away)

Love, Auntie Michelle

lbmom said...

Milk is the worst thing that you can give while a baby/toddler is nauscious or vomiting. Stick to the BRAT diet(bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) Also give gator ade and/or pedialyte. Never breast feed during this time. Wait a week or so and see how he's feeling.

Tina said...

lbmom~ I was continuing to breastfeed my son during his illness on the advice of the nurse at his pediatrician's office. She said no "milk products", but that breastfeeding was ok and was actually good for him. I'll have to ask more about it at his 2 year checkup. He is doing better now, thank goodness!

lbmom said...

I guess I was wrong about the breastfeeding. You would think it would be comparable to bottled milk though? Good news from the nurse to continue feeding too. Thank goodness that Evan is feeling better. It's so hard to have a little one sick espcially with vomiting.

Harley Quinn said...

Glad hes better!