Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Reflecting on Today...

We started the day with a free movie. We saw The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything and Taylor and Sky saw Evan Almighty. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, but our own little "Evan Almighty" was not at all crazy about sitting through 1 1/2 hr. movie. I had to stand with him on the side for a little while and we had to leave a few minutes early, too. Alexa was ok with that. We will rent it sometime or borrow it from the library.

We went home for lunch, and chores and then to pick up friends for the afternoon. Evan napped on the way to their house and back and then woke up as we pulled in the driveway. And that was it. He was done napping for the day. So all my plans of cleaning another area of the house were shot. So he and I played together quite a bit, since all the girls were occupied with friends. It was sort of a blessing in disguise, though, because he and I had some quality time together. He is so much my sweet boy.

I hope to post my plans for tomorrow in the morning. I also hope to get something cleaned out. (sigh)


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Grandma Jo said...

What is it they say about the best laid plans of mice and men? Looks like todays plans went well even when you had to do a little adjusting - you and Evan. Changes in plans can be "blessings in disguise" as you said. It's good when we can recognize them. Life is always better when we can keep a positive outlook - and you do. Good for you! This sounded like one of your more fun days. Love to all!