Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Return Visitor

Taylor found this male Eastern Box Turtle in our yard the other day. We thought it best to set him free......again. We are pretty sure he's the same one who has let his presence be known about 3 times a year since we moved in. He really is cute, in his own sort of way. He has been named Awkward (by Taylor), Rusty (by Skylar) and Edaline~don't know where that came from (by Alexa).

Evan loved him and cried when she let him go again. We told Evan not to worry, Awkward Rusty Edaline is sure to return again someday. At which time Evan can add a fourth name to the list.


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Grandma Jo said...

You are somewhat close to nature, aren't you. Pappy Jack would love that turtle, kids. On the other hand, Grandma Jo would just love the way YOU handle it. She might touch it for a second! It is definitely a good nature lesson. Thanks for sharing! Love you all!