Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Reflecting on this past weekend....

Friday Night

  • I went to a used curriculum sale that our homeschool group held, and got a couple of really great buys including this book for only $2! (Happy day, happy day!) And these books, too for $4 total for the teacher and student books! It was also nice to see some friends there.
  • Taylor went to a friend's sleepover BD party.


  • John mowed and weedwacked the yard.
  • I weeded most of the front landscaping, trimmed bushes and shrubs and put out fresh mulch (I still have another section to get to, though.)
  • I put out a new garden flag.
  • Alexa and Sky helped me in the yard for a while and Taylor watched Evan for me. Then Alexa and Sky played in the yard for quite a while.
  • Pizza for dinner.....yum!


  • The girls and I went to Mass for the feast of Corpus Christi and the weather was beautiful. We also got to witness more children receive Our Lord for the first time. They were so adorable! What a great day to make your First Holy Communion....on the feast of The Body and Blood of Christ.
  • Relaxing afternoon, although Evan wouldn't nap. He eventually did around 3:30.
  • We went to dinner at Logan's. It was nice and relaxing......and delicious.

Memorial Day

  • Kids and I went to Target to get new gardening gloves, a large pot to plant flowers in for the front porch and a new front door mat. Also, Alexa needed a new bathing suit (only around $8-yay!). And we were long overdue for some new beach towels and Target had them for $6 and they feel pretty thick and absorbant for the price......I'm loving our new Target!
  • Took Taylor to meet some friends to swim for the afternoon.
  • Got out the Slip-n-Slide and let Alexa and Sky have a ball (Evan was sleeping at first), but then he eventually joined in.

Here's some pictures of Slip-n-Slide fun!

Alexa took these pictures of Evan and I. She did a pretty good job, eh?I love this little swim outfit on Evan! The swimtrunks we got from another homeschooling mom who always thinks of me when her son outgrows his clothes. I really appreciate that! And the shirt was yet another Target buy for only around $8. And his sandals even match! My little blue-eyed boy looks so handsome in royal blue!

On a more serious note, we certainly don't want to forget what Memorial Day is all about. Below is a prayer for the safety of soldiers.

Almighty and eternal God,
those who take refuge in you will be glad
and forever will shout for joy.
Protect these soldiers as they discharge their duties.
Protect them with the shield of your strength
and keep them safe from all evil and harm.
May the power of your love enable them to return home
in safety, that with all who love them,
they may ever praise you for your loving care.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

[Source: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops]




Grandma Jo said...

What a great weekend! You got some bargains, too! Mine were at Joann Fabrics. I got some sticky backed shapes for Kyra and some paints for her. Is that Sky wearing Tay's bathing suit? She really is growing up! She and Alexa look like they were having fun! It looked like a really nice weekend weather-wise. Thanks for the pics, Mom and Alexa! The prayer was hard to read on the blog, Tina, with the red coloring - but I did get to read it from this page. Evan is growing up, too, and such a cutie! I guess you all were busy on Saturday working with nature. Love you all!

Grandma Jo said...

Well, I thought I posted one comment but it's not showing - and the line that says you are approving it, Tina, didn't come up either. So this may or may not be a repeat. I do want to comment how proficient you are getting, Tina, with this blog. I see where "What we are reading has "pages" now - how neat! Are they mostly library books? I'm glad I discovered them! Have the girls seen the movie of Fatima?
Looks like you all had a great weekend with some water fun! And everyone helped get the yard looking very nice I'm sure (too busy for pics there). I see you got some bargains over the weekend, too, Tina. Mine were at Joann Fabrics - I got Kyra some sticky backed shapes (cats, dogs, flowers, undersea stuff) and some paints and an Artist's Apron. Is that Sky in Tay's bathing suit? She is really growing up!! What a great picture of her!!
Evan is such a cutie - and really growing, too!
The prayer on your blog for the soldiers was hard to read with the red color. I did get to read it on this page, though. Nice prayer. Love you all!