Friday, May 2, 2008

Our Little Man

Evan is getting older. He'll be 2 this summer :( . I can't believe how fast it went! He is learning by playing and interacting with us and the world around him. But I've been thinking lately about how and what to "teach" him during this toddler stage. I found some books that I had either bought and never read (probably at McKay's Used Books), or they were given to me. Anyhoo, they are Montessori-type books and play/teach idea books. Next year I'll have a list of planned simple activities for him to do with me, or his siblings throughout the day. But I don't want to wait until then, so I gathered some things that seem "educational" compared to his other toys and the girls and I started sitting down with him and focusing on each little task.
In one of my books, their was an activity of having a child string large beads. I think it was recommended for 3 year olds. We adapted it for Evan. We use a pipe cleaner bent up at the bottom and he slides the beads onto it. For now, he wants us to hold it for him, but I'm sure it won't be long until he holds it himself.
We bought Evan these flash cards and these too. He looks at them with us, repeats what we say and touches them (if he's in the right mood). But one of his favorite parts is sliding each card back into the box!

He seems to love these activities. Partly, I'm sure, he loves the one on one attention. And partly because he actually enjoys these little challenges and experiences.

We love that little man!

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Grandma Jo said...

What a good student! But he has a lot of great role models! And the "bestest" teacher (I know that's not good grammer but I like it!). I'm sure he is learning all the time and in many different ways as do the girls. What a cutie he is! And I checked out the cards - they are neat! Love you all bunches!!