Thursday, April 17, 2008

Teatime for Pope Benedict XVI

Today we celebrated the birthday of Pope Benedict during our teatime. I know I am one day late with this, but we did think of him and pray for him yesterday, and even watched him on TV, but we didn't have time for teatime yesterday. So today we had these yummy cupcakes and even sang a little of the "Happy Birthday" song (some more reluctantly than others).
We also read from our children's Bible this weekend's Gospel. I read further to John 15, which will be Wednesday's Gospel. In that reading, it talks about Jesus as the Vine and we are the branches. So we did a little craft/spring planting with these.....We discussed a bit about how they have to take care of these plants as they grow, trimming off any dying "branches". That's how I tied it into the Gospel.

I found these kits for $1 at Target last night and thought they were cute. We bought 2 strawberry and 2 tomato. I figured they might help me get myself motivated to start planting. The girls really want a garden this year. I also have seeds in the garage and some larger planters. And I read on another blog (I apologize because I don't remember which one) to use cupcake holders as mini-greenhouses for seedlings. So our cupcakes have a dual purpose. The girls also decorated their little pots with permanent markers.

Our teatime for Good Shepherd Sunday that we had last week was cut short, so the girls did their holy cards for it this week. They just matted the card and used tissue paper to decorate around it. And this craft I "borrowed" from Dawn at By Sun and Candlelight. (I read her blog daily!) Each girl will take turns making one for certain special teatimes coming up. Alexa made this one with me. It looks so pretty in the sunlight of our schoolroom! By the way......

Evan loves to "craft", too!

Love to all!




Grandma Jo said...

Very nice, Tina! Thanks for the pics and sharing with us. It's nice that you do this with the kids. I'm sure they enjoy it, too. I don't know how you find all the time - even just for the planning of it all! God Bless You! - and all!
How can Evan NOT craft with all his sisters and Mom doing it. I'm sure he loves it and will do great - although being a boy he may bring a different perspective to it. We'll just have to wait and see....... Love you all!

Grandma Jo said...

Beautiful mosaics -- great idea! and Yummy looking cupcakes! Can't wait to see the full-grown plants! Love ya all!