Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Lovely Evening

We had some running around to do today, along with chores around the house. It was beautiful outside and rather warm. Skylar's allergies were kicking in, too, so she wasn't able to be outside very long. Taylor was at her friend Michael's birthday party for the evening.

The rest of us were here and ordered a pizza for dinner, which everyone was excited about (especially the cook). It was a relaxing, delicious dinner.
After cleaning up the kitchen, I had a few things in the yard to put away for the night because we are expecting rain. While I was out in the yard, I couldn't believe how pleasant it was. It was a perfect temperature with a little breeze. It was already 7:30, which is usually when I start getting the kiddies ready for bed, but I couldn't resist the urge to round them up and go for a walk instead. So I filled the feeders and we headed out. Alexa protested at first saying she was too tired to walk and needed a scooter or bike. I said she could stay home or walk. She decided to walk.
It really was lovely out. I even let Evan stroller. He did very well, holding my hand the whole time. We saw some signs of Spring and Alexa found pinecones and Sky found feathers. Both came home pleased with their findings. Our walk ended in the back yard where I let Evan go. A few minutes later, he was running across the yard yelling "bunny!" and he was right! He was chasing a bunny through the yard! It wasn't the baby bunny we spotted yesterday, but it was still so cute. The girls were thrilled and tried to catch it. The poor thing ran around the yard, which is now fenced in, trying to find a way out. It ended up going back into the woods it came out of. I took some pictures of our evening, but no bunny shots, unfortunately. It was too dark by then.
While we were out, we could also smell the blossoms in the yard. Our tree is blooming, the purple one in the corner, and it's very fragrant. I can never remember what it is. I'll have to look it up. All I know is that it is light purple and smells very nice. It's scent fills the yard and is very strong. We could also hear tons of birds, more than usual, so we are thinking we might have some baby birdies out there.
Sorry these are not the best pictures. I think I had my camera set up wrong for evening pictures.
Love to all!

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Grandma Jo said...

Sounds like the perfect evening! I'm glad you took advantage of it! I did walk yesterday and say my rosary during the first half and then just enjoy the scenery the second half and reflect on many things. It was a lovely day and evening. We are having rain today, too. Thanks for sharing your lovely evening with us - I enjoyed it very much. Love you all!