Friday, February 22, 2008

Teatime for the Chair of Saint Peter

We had our teatime today. We had apple cinnamon bread (from a mix, of course), and fruit teas. I read from the Children's Bible about Jesus making Peter the head of the Church. We also said a prayer for Pope Benedict and read this coming weekend's gospel reading from the children's bulletins that we receive from mom (thanks, mom). Then I sent them off to play with Evan while I prepared the craft. I bought a kit to make decorative mini stepping stones for the yard (in honor of St. Peter...." and on this rock I shall build My Church"). So this kit was to make 4 mini stone's for your garden. I opened it up, mind you it is in the children's craft dept., and it has rubber gloves and a protective mask! I had to mix the cement mixture, then hurry up to shape it into an oval, then call the girls one at a time to do a pattern with the included colored glass rocks and mosaic tiles. They tell you it sets in under 10 minutes, so move quickly.........under 10 minutes? Try 3! The first one is a rock....with 1 sticker on it.....because we could not find Skylar. She was supposed to go first, then disappeared. So I called Taylor in, but by the time she started it was a done deal. It was already solid. Luckily this came with 4 separated packs so we were ok. Each girl did get their's done and they turned out cute. They'll look really nice once I clean up the landscaping in the spring. Next year for this feast day we'll maybe just paint river rocks for the yard. These girls love to paint!

Hope everyone is happy and healthy (or at least on the mend).
Love to all!


Grandma Jo said...

Looks like all had a great time! You just never know about those crafts - but it was a lesson for all of us. Thanks for sharing! Next year's rock painting sounds like a great idea! The bread sounds delicious - and the tea, too! Love you! :)

Grandma Jo said...

And the stones will look beautiful in your garden - can't wait to see them! Love ya! :)