Friday, February 22, 2008

Following Rabbit Trails

Alexa's "rabbit trail" is leading us back to the pioneer days. She is really enjoying the My First Little House books. We own a few of them, but we checked a TON of them out from the library. She likes to play "covered wagon" with chairs and a sheet. (Didn't you do that when you were a kid, too, mom?) I have always enjoyed Little House on the Prairie. I even had a copy of The Long Winter, but can't seem to find it so we borrowed it from the library as Taylor's current read/narrate book. She is enjoying it more than she thought she would, too. I'm thinking of doing a Little House Teatime next week (shhhh.....don't tell the girls). I have some books on hold at the library that show various crafts from that era. I think Sky will enjoy it too, but she is more into Star Wars and the 70's era. Yep, I said The 70's. The latest American Girl books are based on a girl born in 1974! Julie Albright......I might have known her. So now Skylar keeps asking me questions about mood rings, tie dye, roller skating, two-toned jeans and even Tuna Casserole, ugh! I could not stand Tuna Casserole! I had no idea it was a "70's dish". And to think I'm old enough to be a character in a historical fiction book! Ahhh!
Speaking of the library, we were in there this past week as usual. We were checking out our books and I told the librarian I had some "holds". She checked and saw my name and said, "Oh, you definitely have holds." I wasn't sure what she meant because I only reserved a few this time. She came back and said, "Wow, only 4 this week! You usually have at least 10, don't you?" I don't even know this lady, and haven't even had her the past few times, but apparently, thanks to my "hold" habits I'm known by the librarians at the checkout desk. Oh well, I guess it's not a bad thing to be known for.

Love to all!

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