Friday, February 8, 2008

Mardi Gras Teatime

I hope our display of Jesus with the beads and "party" decorations doesn't seem sacrileges. It was just a fun day with Him at the center as always.

We celebrated Mardi Gras with a teatime. We touched on St. Agatha, too. I realize the two topics are at opposite ends of the spectrum, but we also talked about sacrifice with Lent beginning the next day. Daddy was home so he joined us for the brownies. He, of course, just had one. They decorated holy cards, and then made masks. These girls love to craft! I always try to have Evan down for his nap at the start of Teatime so I can read the story while it's quiet. But I let him share in the treats, which pleases him of course. And I can take him in the other room once the girls understand the craft they are to be working on. Pretty cool masks, eh?

No purple decorations on Skylar's and no yellow on Alexa's. Hard to believe two very different girls can (most of the time) get along so well.

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Grandma Jo said...

Very nice, Teen! Very cool masks - and the girls seem to love them, too. They look all ready to celebrate Mardi Gras in them. And Tay looks busy at something - making a mask? Finally John is in a picture again. And he looks happy. What does Tay's shirt say? I can't read it. I have a feeling Evan will be crafting one of these days when he is older- he's got such great role models! But he will like it. Love ya!