Friday, January 25, 2008

Our St. Agnes and Winter themed teatime

We had our first teatime since advent this past week. Taylor and Alexa set it up. Sky helped with the tea. I frosted these cute snowflake cookies.

We talked about St. Agnes and her life (without too many details of her death). We made this craft to honor her. We hung them in the schoolroom window.

Then we read a winter story and made this fun winter fairy craft.

The fairies turned out so cute! They were from a kit I purchased from Oriental Trading on clearance last year. I knew they'd come in handy sometime! The only problem was that they really needed to be hot glued in order to be played with right away, so I did alot of the assembly for the younger girls. They seemed fine with that. Alexa wanted hers right away to play with it.

We all had a good time. And Evan loved the sugar cookies! He was messy but oh so cute! Sorry no pics of him from teatime, but here's a sweet one of Skylar reading to him this past week.

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Grandma Jo said...

How neat! I love seeing all these pics! Thank you! What a neat idea! Snowflake cookies! And the snowflake fairies - and what clever and beautiful ideas you come up with for the saints! How do you fit this all in?!! I guess you just have boundless energy - like the Energizer bunny - you are the Energizer Mommy!! Love you all!