Friday, January 25, 2008

Alexa and The Mitten

Alexa's winter book this week was The Mitten by Jan Brett. We read the book first, then she got to color all of the animals in the story and make the mitten! Jan Brett has a website with lots of printables and activities that tie into her books. This was so fun for Alexa and helped her remember the story to narrate it. She has also played with it even though we no longer need it for "school".


Grandma Jo said...

What a neat idea! You home school teachers manage to come up with some great fun ways of learning! Alexa certainly looks happy. Good for her and you! How you find the time for all of this, I'll never know. But you do very well. God Bless You. Great job, Alexa!!! God Bless You, too! (He has with such a fun Mom and teacher!) Love ya!

Grandma Jo said...

I forgot to mention: Tina, do you remember the poem or story about the "Three Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens?" I can't remember it all but it was short and cute. Maybe you already know it and can email it back to me but that's something I think Alexa could memorize. I might try to find it on the web. Have a great day! Love ya! (And no, it's not 6:26 AM as stated on the blog - it's 9:26 am.)