Sunday, December 23, 2007

Our Last Day of School before Christmas break

(About the pics, the gingerbread tree was done by Skylar, the men were done by Alexa and the Nativity figures were done by Taylor. The houses were done at the Gingerbread Party).
This last day of school we had a peppermint teatime with a little gingerbread mixed in. We read The Legend of the Candycane and the girls colored candycanes coloring pages and they each narrated the story. Then at teatime we ate peppermint bark and either hot choc. with candy cane as a stirer, milk or peppermint tea. We also had leftover banana bread from the day before. Then we decorated gingerbread sets that the girls got as an early Christmas present from Pappy Jack and Linda. They had a good time!

Then we took Taylor to her last voice lesson. At the end they did a few songs for the parents and sounded really nice. After it was over, we went upstairs in the Center for the Arts to see a model train show. It was really neat! Lots of little miniature skaters, skiers, the Epcot ball, police cars with sirens, Thomas the Tank Engine, Frosty the Snowman's world. Lots of cool stuff, but I did not have my camera (bummer). I took Evan out of his stroller and carried him around so he could see. He was fascinated.

Also, we have been having some birds at the feeders......and some pushy squirrels, too! It is fun to watch them out the window. Sometimes they climb up the tree that is just a couple of feet from the window. Evan loves to watch them. The girls have been looking in our birds field guide, too and naming them. We'll do this more in depth in January.

This is my last post until January. Merry Christmas to all! Can't wait to see you!

Love to all,



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