Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas for the Birds

We started the morning with the story I mentioned yesterday called, "Night Tree". The girls seemed to enjoy it. We discussed it, then each narrated it. They also each drew a picture of their favorite part of the story.

Later, when Evan was asleep, I got the girls together, and we went out to "decorate" a tree in our backyard with yummy things for the birds and probably squirrels, too. We had so many birds out this back window in the summer and fall, but it's been bugging me lately that there have been none we could see for the last few weeks except up high in the old trees. So we put up a suet feeder, a birdfeeder that was given to us, and a bell of birdseed. Alexa also sprinkled the ground with some dried cranberries. The younger 2 girls wanted to stay out and play for a bit, so I went in and made hot chocolate and banana bread, and started lunch.

Later in the day, we saw the birds starting to come to our feeders. I'm hoping to have alot in the morning, and that they continue all winter. We are studying birds of winter in January and February, so I'd love for the girls to have a good view of some up close.

Tomorrow is our last day of school, if you can call it that. We read "The Legend of the Candycane", have teatime with hot chocolate stirred with peppermint candycanes or peppermint tea, and also have peppermint bark that Taylor, Alexa and I made today (and it was so easy!). There's also leftover banana bread for those who don't care for all of peppermint taste.


Grandma Jo said...

Sounds like fun! Your girls must have a blast most every day and learning at the same time! Great!! I'll take some of the hot chocolate with the peppermint candy cane AND some banana bread, thank you! heehee I'm sure you will have plenty of birds come January - just keep feeding them! Hope they don't thank you by doo-dooing all over your back deck. That's why Tony doesn't like them coming around so no feeders here - unless we'd put them way up on the hill. Love ya!

Grandma Jo said...

Nice, pics, Tina. Thanks for sharing - the girls do a nice job and are such great helpers. Evan helps, too, by taking a nice nap - benefits both him and you and the girls. Love ya!