Thursday, January 12, 2012

Relaxed Winter Schooling at Home

I love days like these.

Days that have a schedule, but not really.

We have things to accomplish, many things to learn, but not a list of places to be with rigorous time constraints.

That's when our learning feels more natural.

Some subjects, like handwriting, really do require sitting at a desk or table.  And with Evan, the core subjects work best at my desk because he understands he needs to try to focus when we sit there (although I do have to mix it up a bit with him to get his wiggles out).

But I love it when we can relax on the floor as the sun shines through, or get cozy on the couch as I read to the kids and we discuss history or their religion lessons.  It just feels right.

I especially love it when it's in the middle of Winter, and it's freezing cold outside, but yet the sun is shining.  And the warm sunbeams are streaming in through the curtains, stretching across the floor in our front room. 

I can totally see why cats tend to sit right in those sunny spots.

I hope you are enjoying your Winter!


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Grandma Jo said...

Thanks for sharing your winter schooling at home! Love it! Alexa looks like a typical student - like someone they would use as a model for a student in a commercial! I'm glad you figured out a way to help Evan focus and get his wiggles out! lol What a cutie! :)