Sunday, August 14, 2011

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For Today, Sunday, August 14, 2011
Outside my window.... it's a dreary, rainy Sunday morning. The perfect day to sleep in, especially since we go to the 11:30 Mass. But can someone please tell that to Evan? He was up at 6:45. :/
I am wearing..... light blue striped pajama pants, and light blue T, ankle socks and my hair is up in a messy pony tail.
I am hearing......the faint sound of Pink Panther on TV in the other room. Evan is watching it. I told him if he wanted to wake up that early, he would have to sit downstairs and watch a show so as to not wake everyone else. I am beginning to hear some stirring upstairs in the girls room.
I am thinking.....about this coming school year, and what clubs the kids will be in, and what classes they'll be taking. I need to work on some sort of schedule. But it's tough when I'm so desperately trying to hold onto what's left of summer. Summer......don't leave me!!!!!!!! I thought you were my friend!!!
I am hoping..... we get some nice weather over these upcoming last weeks of summer. We still need to hit the fair, Splashdown, and we have a family reunion to get to.
Plans for today.....Mass at 1130, continuation of writing out school plans for the first nine weeks, I should start thinking what to make for dinner, too. Since it's supposed to be raining all day, I think we'll probably stay in, other than John's trip to Costco and the kids and I heading to Mass.
Later this looks like rain, or a chance of rain almost every day this week. There is one rain-free day midweek, so I hope we can get to the fair that day. We might take Alexa's friend bowling with us on one of the many rainy days. And the dollar movie's are on Tuesday and Wednesday. We also have a doctor appt. for Taylor and Sky has karate. I would like to have one of Sky's friends over this week, too and I'm sure my oldest will get together with her boyfriend a few times.
School prep...... most of the curriculum is ordered or already here. I stuck with the same old same old for most subjects (if it ain't broke, don't fix it), but Alexa and Sky are going to be working with me 3 days a week on American History. We are using From Sea to Shining Sea from CHC. Looking over it last night, it looks pretty good. We'll also add real stories/books to it. And I hope to take some field trips as the History lessons get into more recent history. I think they'll remember it more that way. Evan is Kindergarten level and I'm still trying to decide on his Phonics program. Everything else is set for him.
I am thankful for......this wonderful summer we have had, vacation in PA with our family, the health of those I love, especially my children and parents. Also for the rain, since everything that grows outside was beginning to look dead. Our grass looks like straw. I'm thankful for the VRE and this city we live in.
From the kitchen.....pasta, steaks and hot dogs on the grill (if we get a break in the rain, because I am not standing out there on the deck, over the grill with an umbrella again.....yeah I did that last week), veggie pizza, not sure what else. I'm not ready for Fall, but I am ready for the change that Fall brings to our menu.....Stuffed Pepper Casserole, Salsa Chicken, BBQ Pulled Chicken...
Reflecting on last week.....Alexa had her dance camp and loved it! I have a video of the dance show but can't find a way to upload it because the file is too big. John mentioned something about "zipping" it, but the only thing I zip are my jeans, so he'll have to school me on that one. I'll keep you posted.
Our 19th Wedding Anniversary was last week, too. He bought me dark pink roses and I bought him an engraved pen. We went out to dinner.
I did a little Christmas shopping last week....just a few things. And bought some supplies at Joann Fabrics to make a few gifts.
I organized the bookshelves and decided on which ones to give away/sell. Last week was not too exciting for the kids, except Alexa.
A picture to share....
Greeting each other after our trip to PA without Daddy. Evan sure missed him!
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Have a great day! And make it special!

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Grandma Jo said...

Yay! Another Daybook! Just love hearing all that you are doing! Your life certainly revolves around your family - and you do a great job as Mom, Teacher and wife. Glad you and John got to celebrate your anniversary - alone! lol Glad you are all set up for school but wishing summer would just stay! Me,too! It is just going way too fast! Have a great day - and looking forward to your next daybook! LYAB!!