Monday, May 16, 2011

A Quiet Ride

About once every week or 2, we head to the library. It's been a favorite place of ours since my oldest started walking. We've been to storytimes, craft times, movie times.
We've attended shows featuring Ronald McDonald, puppets, clowns, reptiles and magicians.
The library has so much to offer and we have always taken full advantage of the awesome free programs for kids and families.
But our all time favorite use for the library is the most basic.
Just plain reading.
And when we leave the library, with armloads of books, we get in the van, and everyone gets comfortable.
The radio/CD player is turned off.
It's a unanimous decision.
And a very peaceful ride for me.
I am kinda jealous, though.
Wish I was back there in the third seat, chillin' out with my latest "read".
Speaking of books, I found some great deals at the booksale at our church festival this weekend. Awesome, awesome deals, and I only looked around for a few minutes! Next year, I'm going to try to get there earlier and take more time with it.
Hope you find some time to open a good book this week! Have a great one! Make it special!


Theresa said...

LOVE the LIBRARY....don't get there often enough for me but life is like that sometimes. My boys used to love a good book but sadly they have lost that as they grew older. I always hope they'll return to reading someday. I love to read. I love how it transports you to another time and/or place. Glad to hear you're all still enjoying :) Love ya!

Grandma Jo said...

How awesome that all the kids love reading - but so do Mom and Dad! And it started with Taylor so much in love with reading and a VERY excellent reader! Now her siblings are following suit! Great job, Mom and Dad, but esp Mom (library van driver and book returner)! LYAB!!