Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nature Study: The Food Chain

This week's Nature Study was one that I knew Skylar would enjoy. The basis of the lesson was The Food Chain, but the main focus was on owls. Skylar loves owls especially since she saw the movie Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

She loves that movie. It's not for the younger crowd, so I only took Alexa and Skylar to see it when it came out last year.

We gathered at the picnic tables at one of our local favorite nature spots. The mom leading the lesson this day began the discussion on the food web. It was very interesting. Then that led to the discussion of owls and some facts about them, how they live and what they eat.

Then out came the owl pellets.

I'll be honest. I cringed.

I am admittedly a wimp about "icky" things. I always have been.

I tried very hard to sound excited and not completely grossed out. I think I did a pretty good job.

The kids excitedly open their foil covered packets. They immediately began digging through the pellets to find the bones of whatever small animal that owl had eaten. In an odd way, it was like a treasure hunt, and the kids were getting excited over some of their bigger discoveries, like a rodent's skull, with teeth still in tact.Then we were off on a trail, with our scavenger hunt sheets in hand, to try to catch a glimpse of animals that the owl eats. We were also looking for holes up high in the trees, where an owl might live.

We didn't find a lot of what we were looking for, but it was still an enjoyable walk. (if you look closely, you can see the bird on a branch...that is one animal that an owl eats)

How can you walk on a trail through the forest in the Springtime and not enjoy it?

We found some unrelated discoveries.....tent worms....

And a little creek with tadpoles swimming around inside......

It was another great Nature Study Group meeting. I am so glad we are able to participate this Spring.


Hope you are getting out there and enjoying your Springtime!

Have a great week!

Make some good memories for yourself and your children. :)



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Grandma Jo said...

awww - they eat those cute little birds. awww Yeah I heard on TV how there are animal bones in those owl pellets and one other thing but nothing REALLY gross. Of course, the whole idea of it is gross to me but glad the kids are learning. Soooo glad they didnt' come up with that idea when I was little and learning. Yay for your kids! LYAB!!