Sunday, April 10, 2011

Making Lent Meaningful for Young Children part 3

I ordered this Wooden Easter Play set from Oriental Trading and it was a big hit with Evan. We acted out the story using the little painted, wooden people. And when he's done, they store neatly in the little box that also works as the burial cave.
He played with these with me and then got them out again, to play by himself later. He enjoyed showing the girls his little Lent Surprise, too.
Evan and I made this little prayer box/center for Lent. I just made the pictures by gluing holy cards onto folded card stock. We use a piece of felt in the correct liturgical color for the altar cloth. And the candle we made by gluing tissue paper squares onto a clear, plastic cup. We then let the glue dry, trimmed the edges and Evan added stickers. The little battery operated tea lite works perfectly inside. This all fits into a photo box that I bought at the craft store. Evan can set this up anytime he wants to pray or just talk to God.
I placed some little Catholic picture books inside the box too.

I will change the "altar cloth" and we'll make a new candle holder as the liturgical seasons change. I'll probably include some different books and add a rosary during the month of May and perhaps a little plastic Blessed Mother Statue.


Tomorrow will begin another busy week. I'll be posting our little "happenings" as much as I can.....with pictures. I love taking photos! I am one camera-happy Chickie. I might not be the best at it.....but I love it, so I'm not about to quit. :)


Have a happy week, everyone! Make it special!



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Grandma Jo said...

So clever momma teacher! That is a very cute set! I saw Kyra's and it is adorable! What a clever idea for the prayer table/center. Just great for Evan to be so involved with making it. I might use that with my CCD class next year. They are involved with setting up the prayer table but they like "doing" things so making the candle in different liturgical colors will go over great with them and help them remember the colors for different seasons.

This is a great way to get Evan to do some of his own praying, too.