Saturday, January 22, 2011

This n That

I haven't been on here for almost a week. I've just been either busy, or preoccupied. Just thought I'd give you some idea of what's happening in our little world right now.

  • The kids have been sick. Really, at least one child has been sick since we got back from our Christmas vacation. They've had a variety among them...sore throat, fever, body aches, upset stomach, headache, and a cough that just won't quit. And now my little man is dealing with a stomach bug (yucky~poor guy) and is finally able to keep food down. BUT, this led to a bad cough and runny nose. I'm thinking ALL of January will be our illness month. At least we don't have any place major we HAVE to be. This too shall pass.
  • It was about 14 degrees here this morning. I don't care to go out in that at all.
  • A man that went to high school with my older brother was killed last weekend. He was only in his 40s. Although police aren't saying yet, most people get the feeling he was murdered. He leaves behind two children. Such a tragic situation. Been sending up a lot of prayers this week in regards to everyone mourning that loss.
  • On a much better note, the Steelers are in the AFC Championship game this weekend! We are hoping they'll be headed to the Superbowl, yet again. Lucky Number 7! Looking forward to watching that game tomorrow.
  • Taylor has midterms coming up this week. She's a bright girl....I'm not worried. Despite her January illness, she didn't miss any school. She just got some extra rest at home and kept on keepin' on.
  • Sky and Lexa have been just been doing the basics, when they've felt up to doing anything at all. Evan's had to miss preK group the last 3 times!
  • Sky is definitely missing karate. I'm hoping and praying she doesn't have pneumonia again. Could you spare a prayer for her? And not to be greedy, but a prayer for all my "little sickies" would be much appreciated. :)
  • This house needs cleaned. But a good cleaning will have to wait until the sicknesses pass...maybe a few more days at least. Can't wait until spring to air this place out!
  • I love texting. So very thankful for that advancement in techology. I know it's been around for a while, but it's fairly new to this family.
  • Had some time to talk and watch a little TV with my hubby last night. I enjoyed it very much. He's been really busy with his new job, so times like these aren't as common as they used to be.
  • I am soooo glad I made a big grocery store run the night before Evan got the "stomach thing". So, so glad.

Well, the kiddles need me, so gotta run. Have a wonderful weekend. Hope you and yours are keeping warm and staying healthy!




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Grandma Jo said...

Thanks for the update! Things will be normal again "one of these days!" I'm sure! Hang in there! LYAB!