Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Little Bit of Excitement

We are prepared:
Stories: Our basket is filled with wintertime picture books (listed in my sidebar). We also have library books individually chosen by each child...mostly chapter books for the older children.

Muffin Mix: These are delicious and fat free...and quite cozy.

Soups: Especially since most of the kids are sick. Must have some warm, soothing, salty (for sore throats) soup to warm you up from the inside out.

Hot Drinks: Hot chocolate with marshmallows (yum!) and for my "lil sickies", tea with honey. We also have some hot apple cider in the pantry and of course I'm starting my day with coffee and my French Vanilla creamer.
We also have a variety of games begging to be played and some fun movies to watch if the urge strikes us. I think I might let the kids do some painting today, too. They always enjoy that. I plan on making some delicious Green Pepper Casserole for dinner tonight. It's so good and it's a favorite in this house. So I think we are ready......
For this:

Now I know it's not much compared to some of you out there, or even compared to our own area last year. But, it's our first decent snowfall this winter....and we'll take what we can get. :)


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Grandma Jo said...

You'll take what you can get, huh!? Well you got it! LOL I guess you HAVE to take! I'm glad you stocked up on all these yummy vittles!! LOL Have fun with the sickies who I hope are well soon!! LYAB!