Monday, January 3, 2011

~~~Daybook for a New Year~~~

For Today: January 3, 2011
First Daybook of 2011
I am wearing:
blue and green striped jammie pants and a green long sleeved T. I also have a soft green apghan over my shoulders because my cozy favorite-robe-in-the-world is in the dryer. And I have on two pairs of socks. I need to get some sort of slippers because these floors are freezing and winter is not ending anytime soon.
I am hearing:
the heater running
I am thinking:
how much I love my family....near and far. And how much I miss them when they are far.
I am remembering:
how much fun the kids and I had on our Christmas visit to see my family. I have not laughed that hard in a long time. It rejuvenates the soul to laugh like that and be surrounded by people that love you as much as you love them.
I am planning:
wintertime school. I want to embrace the seasons and try to make every season fun in a variety of ways. It just takes more effort when I'm at the beginning of my least favorite season of all. It's hard to think "fun" when you are freezing. ;)
I am reading:
Mostly been reading stories to the younger children, but I have 2 books I want to read. The Five Love Languages of Teenagers by Gary Chapman and Before I Go by Peter Kreeft. Maybe having some cozy moments with these books will help me to enjoy Winter just a bit more.
I am praying for:
the unborn and their mothers. For anyone suffering from sadness, lonliness, fear. For anyone without a family.
I want to remember:
how Evan has been so "into" Rudolph this year. He loves the movie and the story and talks about Rudolph and Clarice pretty often, like they are friends of his. It's so cute. He loves it when Clarice sings "There's always tomorrow, for dreams to come true....". He's my baby and he's 4 1/2 so moments like these are like sand falling through my fingers. I want to hold on to them, but they are slipping away. So thankful for memories.....and photos for when my memory fails. :)
I am hoping:
to get back into a good, solid groove, with fun thrown in. Coming off of the festive Advent and Christmas seasons can knock you down and make you feel at a "low" after such a long celebratory "high". But this year, I'm trying to just keep riding that "high" and using it to help me keep motivated through the long winter weeks ahead.
The rest of the week:
Sky and Evan are sick. They've each had fevers and sore throats and headaches. They seem to be getting better, but Evan still seems congested. So I'm not sure what this week will hold. Normally it would be karate for Sky and Pre K Group for Evan but we'll have to see. Taylor has play practice all week and Alexa and Sky might have Girls' Club. Not sure. I really haven't gotten out a calendar to even look at this week. I need to do that.
From the kitchen:
soup, pasta, mini pizzas....not sure what else. I haven't been to the store since we got back in town. John went for us yesterday, but he just usually does very general shopping....not the nitty gritty ingredients that my recipes call for. I'll have to make a run by the end of the week, I'm sure.
We are learning:
Alexa will start back on her "trip around the world" with CHC. I need to get Sky going on some good Science lessons. Evan will do some Winter Fun School soon. I need to get moving on lots of plans, I see.
Liturgical year plans:
Today is the feast of The Most Holy Name of Jesus. After the rosary this morning, we shall recite this prayer. Tomorrow is Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton. I'll have to see if I have a book about her on my shelf. I'm sure there's a story of her in one of our many
saint books. Sunday is The Baptism of the Lord....might do a Teatime for that.
A picture thought:
my camera is upstairs where Evan is sleeping, so this will have to wait.
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Grandma Jo said...

Love reading your thoughts in your daybook but you surely weren't doing this at 4:28 am as it says! LOL I'm sure the timing is off like mine is sometimes on other sites. Keep up the posting - as I said, love reading these! Have a good day or night depending on when you read this. LYAB (and I just previewed this and the timing is off there, too! LOL it's actually 10:20 pm)