Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Big Night

Welcome 2011!
For the first time, Alexa stayed up to welcome a new year!
We watched some of Elf, then a New Year's Eve countdown on TV. We also had a toast to the new year. Then we danced! (Oh, you're not going to see any pics of me dancing....nopety nooooo.) But, I think it's clear she was having a blast.
She was pretty happy, especially since (for one reason or another) she was the only one of her siblings to greet 2011 at it's very start.
It's waaaaaayyy past her bedtime, yet she doesn't look very tired, does she?
I'd say she brought the new year in just right.
Blessing to you all in 2011!

1 comment:

Grandma Jo said...

Yay, Alexa! I bet it was a fun time for you!! And how long did she sleep in the next day? She really looks like she's enjoying herself! Alright, Alexa!! You've got a nice Mom and Dad to let you do that! LYAB