Sunday, November 7, 2010

To Help With Your Holiday Planning

Look at this little gem of a website. I discovered this just in time for the upcoming holidays. I've already printed out many pages to make my own holiday planning notebook. Can't wait to get started filling in the pages! It's called ORGANIZED CHRISTMAS and I'm loving it so far. I especially love the PLANNER PAGES but there are useful tips, articles, recipes, gift ideas and a variety of printables in addition to the planner pages. Check it out. And starting this early I'm bound to have it together this Christmas. Right?


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Grandma Jo said...

How do you even have time to get organized for Christmas? It seems like more work to me, but I think I used to do a "simpler" version of that myself when you kids were little. It was my own version - not so elaborate with all the printing (no computers then as you know, or at least we didn't have one). Good luck with this! Hope it helps - and sometimes it just makes us feel good to be doing something in the right direction! I'm sure it will help in some ways!! LYAB