Monday, October 18, 2010

~~The Simple Woman's Daybook~~

For Today~October 18th, 2010
I am wearing.....cozy flannel jammie pants, a T-shirt and my light blue summer robe. And socks, too, of course. It's always kinda chilly down here, first thing in the morning.
I am hearing.....silence. Everyone is asleep except Taylor, who left already.
I am thinking...... of how fast children grow up. Taylor left for high school this morning dressed as Belle the Disney Princess (for her school's "Dress up Day"). It was such a reality check. I remember that little girl dressing up as princesses at the age of 3 and 4 and now 10 years go by, just like that. She looked adorable as a child. This morning, she looked beautiful.
I am mommy reads going on right now. But I'm reading The Mitchel Series with Alexa and Sky at night, before bed. And Evan and I are reading the Fall stories listed in my sidebar.
I am creating......a sweet little Christmas gift for Alexa. I really wish I could give you more details, but she occasionally takes a peak at my blog, and I just can't risk spoiling the surprise.
I am go on another "date" with John in the near future. We had such a nice time, and that alone time really strengthens our relationship. Helps me to see him as my husband and soulmate, not just my children's dad (although that is important, too).
I am praying mom's friends daughter who was diagnosed with cancer recently. And also for my dad who's health is always a concern of mine. And for Skylar to finally recover from this strep throat and pneumonia so she can get back to her karate that she desperately misses.
From the kitchen.....not much planning going on there. I had hoped to have a major Fall menu in place by now, but nope. And adding to the confusion is 1) I don't have a regular shopping trip day and 2) John is on an extreme "healthy eating" diet right now, and back into his body building, which is getting me to want to revamp some of our usual Fall menu items to make them healthier. Ugh. I'll have to figure it all out.........and soon.
The rest of the week.....hopefully karate for Skylar, Taylor has lots of afterschool practices for her play this week, Evan has his Preschool Group, Alexa has PE and I'm hoping to go to a local farm/Fall playland with some friends by the end of the week.
In the Schoolroom......Sky is a little behind, due to illness, but not too far. Alexa is doing very well and is enjoying her "trip" to India so far. Evan is learning about Fall with fun stuff like pumpkins, leaves, apples, squirrels and nuts this week.
I am thankful for......loving and attentive grandparents for my children. Their notes, gifts, visits, conversations, emails, love and prayers for my children make all the difference in the world to them, and me.
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Love Bears All Things said...

I enjoyed my visit here and reading your night is so very important to the future of your marriage...I've been married 43+years now and in the early years we always made time for dates and little weekend trips to nurture our commitment and our love when our family was young...I'm so glad we did...I think it also sets an example of what the relationship between parents is meant to be for your children's future.
I was also pleased to learn that your older daughter still wanted to dress up...I think even adults can enjoy taking on another persona for a party or play now and then.

Have a good week.
Mama Bear

Tina said...

My husband and I have never really done much in the way of Date Nights until recently. It always seemed we had at least one child that wouldn't separate. And we had no family local, so that added to the difficulty. But now that they are getting a little older, we thought we'd give it a try and it was so wonderful. And I see how important it is and the difference it makes. You and your husband are more proof of that. =) Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a note. Have a wonderful weekend!

Grandma Jo said...

It's nice to hear how you are doing and what you've been up to on a daily basis - especially when you live so far away and we don't get to talk on the phone much. I can see how busy you are with everything, so it's difficult for you to answer my emails, but this blog really helps. Thanks for sharing! LYAB See you soon!