Monday, September 27, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook
September 27, 2010
Outside my window...... it is just starting to get light out. It's raining steadily, which we desperately need. The temps are in the 60s I believe.
I am wearing...... still in my jammies. Comfortable cotton jammies and my robe, and with the look and feel of this rainy Monday morning, I'm not in a hurry to change.
I am hearing...... it's quiet here right now, for the most part. Although, I think I'm hearing an occasional cough from Skylar upstairs. It doesn't sound good. I hope she's not getting sicker. Poor kid, we thought she was on the mend.
Plans for this week..... today was supposed to be our first Nature Club meeting of the Fall session. With this rain, I don't think that will happen. Later is karate (if Skylar is better), PE for Alexa, Preschool Club for Evan, and Girls Club for the girls. I might try for a teatime on Friday, too. And our Fall Festival in Old Town is on Saturday. I love Fall!
I am reading......just some other blogs for ideas right now.
I am hoping..... for a good day for Taylor. I remember 9th grade in high school, waking to a rainy, dreary Monday morning. Blah. But she is very different than me, and I'm sure she'll be fine once she's around her friends.
I am praying for..... my dad and his wife to have a safe vacation and my sick children to feel well again.
I am thankful for...... the chance to visit with my dad yesterday. Also thankful for this house. It's not big or fancy, but it's home and I love it.
From the kitchen.... pasta, london broil, grilled cheese, not sure what else.
The liturgical year..... we did a Teatime for St. Padre Pio/Exhaultation of the Cross last Friday. We sort of combined them. It was a pleasant time together. The girls had been missing those special afternoons together. Evan's favorite part: the cookies.
Home educating plans......Skylar is doing well. She had a rough math lesson that frustrated her immensely, but she stuck it out and she practiced and practiced with me. She ended up with a perfect test paper!
Alexa is really enjoying her "trip around the world" with CHC lesson plans. We are currently still in Canada, but almost finished. I love CHC materials!
Evan is learning lots every day. He recently learned how to write his name!
Around the house......things are pretty neat and orderly. But I can't let it slide for one day, or it will easily become a mess.
Picture thought I am sharing....

Evan is learning how to write his name!

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Have a wonderful week, everyone!




Grandma Jo said...

Way to go, Evan! GREAT job! So happy Mommy put this on here so I could see it! Send me a little letter - one where you printed your own name! I'd love to see it! Keep up the good work! LYB

Grandma Jo said...

Love hearing how your day is going - and your life! Hope Sky is feeling better and getting better! Congratulations to her on the perfect test paper in math! And I'm glad Alexa is enjoying her trip around the world - lucky girl! Hope you all have good weather and a good time at the Fall Festival in Old Towne. Wish I could be there with you - but I'm looking forward to my trip to see Taylor in her play which means I'll also be there for HALLOWEEN AND Jack's Anniversary! LYAB