Tuesday, June 1, 2010

****The Simple Woman's Daybook****

~The Simple Woman's Daybook~
For Today: June 1, 2010

As Summer Begins......
Outside my window..... It is sunny, hot and humid. It's supposed to rain sometime this afternoon.
I am wearing...... jeans, and a navy blue ,short sleeved, soft, cotton, v-neck shirt and ankle sock. I wear sandals all summer long when I leave the house, but at home I like my cozy socks on the cold floors.
I am hearing....... Taylor on the eliptical machine in the garage, and Evan and Alexa playing upstairs.
I am thinking..... about phone calls I need to make. Still trying to get things set for Alexa's First Holy Communion. She was supposed to receive it a couple of weeks ago but was very sick. She can't wait until that special day, and neither can I!
On the menu....... the new grill up and running yesterday. We really enjoyed the hamburgers and hot dogs. We got a charcoal grill and nothing beats the taste of just about any food cooked on the grill. Later this week, tacos, pasta and then more grilling....BBQ chicken this time.! Yummy!
I am hoping...... that this summer goes slower than the past few. They just seem to fly by so fast!
From the schoolroom...... more relaxed learning for the summer. 3 days a week of math and handwriting (so as to keep everyone from going backwards during the break), and both Alexa and Skylar have spelling books to finish. Just a few more lessons there, though. Also would like to do some Liturgical year stories, crafts and teatimes. And once a week I'd like to do some poetry and art with the 3 youngest. Not sure what of this will actually come to fruition, but I have high hopes! ;)
We are praying for....... a local mother who passed away during the miscarriage of her 20 week baby. She was young and left behind two young children. Also for an old schoolmate who had a massive heart attack at work and passed away at the hospital. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen
Plans for the rest of the week...... playdates, karate, some appointments, relaxed school, planning for Alexa's First Holy Communion. Maybe a trip to the pool?
Looking ahead to the summer..... tried to keep it open without too many commitments....pool days, school planning, cleaning out the schoolroom, a trip to PA to visit family and see a few friends, playdates, summer reading program at the library, free summer movies at the local theater....lots of options.

A photo to share...... my mom and my children at the church we went to when we were in Walt Disney World in FL. It was a beautiful church and had these fountains on the grounds. Next time we are in FL, I hope to take some time to explore the church, the gift shop and surrounding area.

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