Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Taylor's Confirmation

The church was beautifully decorated with the Easter Flowers. And we arrived early to get a good seat for this very special day.

Uncle Tony (Taylor's Godfather) and Aunt Terri (my sister and Taylor's Godmother) came down to be a part of it. Terri is also Taylor's sponsor.

(Uncle Tony and Evan heading towards the church.)
Skylar and Evan had plenty of time to play around outside before the ceremony, since we arrived so early. Go figure.... us arriving early for something ;)

I went to see Taylor, as she waited for the procession to start.
It was a beautiful ceremony and I even got teary-eyed during one of the songs (just like I did at Alexa's 1st Reconciliation). My oldest child is growing up. The Bishop came the whole way from Alaska to be there with us. And another interesting thing is that he is originally from the Pittsburgh area......the area I grew up in!

When he found out that's where my sister (Taylor's sponsor) was from, he was delighted! And he commended her on her great choice of sponsor. ;)
He was pleased to know my mother was from there, too.
John's parents came down for Taylor's Confirmation, also. We were so happy they could make it! (I really like this pic of them!)

And of course we need a pic of Taylor with her handsome Daddy.

And little sister Alexa, too.
Then it was home for CAKE! Taylor made it herself!

And one last's a little nutty, but it's Taylor's fave, so I have to include it....
(Wish Alexa could have been in it too, but she was in the church at the time.)
It was a really nice evening spent with family. I'm very thankful for those that traveled so far to be with us. And I'm very proud of and happy for Taylor. Through her service to the church, she made some friends. And she really got a lot out of her Confirmation retreat......which reminds me of something else. I wanted to say how much I am thankful for the religious education department of our church. They are a wonderful group of people who truly care about the children and their education in our faith. They work with and encourage parents (and their teens). Sometimes they can even reach your teen, when you are struggling in that area. My thanks go out to them!

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