Monday, January 25, 2010

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FOR TODAY: January 25, 2010
Outside my window.....sunny and warm...64 degrees! That's quite warm for January. We LOVE it! The ground is pretty muddy, though, from all the rain, so it's hard to just let the kids run free in the back yard. Mud, mud, mud. :P
I am wearing......white ankle socks, jeans, a brown button down casual shirt with 3/4 length sleeves and my hair is down.

I am thankful for.......the washing machine. Takes me quite a while to get through our many loads of laundry. I can't imagine doing that without a washing machine.

I am remembering....the special time I shared with Alexa yesterday afternoon. We had a meeting at the church for her First Reconciliation and FHC. Father did a puppet show for the kids to explain a little about the sacrament of Confession and then we went over for a tour of the church. Each parent took their child around the church, following a booklet, explaining the many important things you see in a Catholic Church. Alexa's favorite spot was the confessional. :) I'm pretty fond of that place myself.
I am take Skylar to Karate soon. Later this week will be an eye appt. for Taylor, dance class, more karate, a playdate for Sky, a quick run to the library and then co-op on Friday.

I am get back into our Social Studies lessons this week. Been on a bit of a break from that aspect of school since Christmas :/

From the kitchen......hmmmm......tacos, soup, grilled chicken salad, salsa chicken and probably a "breakfast for dinner" night.

Around the house.....don't know where to begin. The bathrooms need a good scrubbing. I think the girls and I will venture into do good cleaning tomorrow afternoon. Tuesdays are usually the only day of the week we can stay home. Did I mention that I love Tuesdays?

One of my favorite things.....wearing sandals. I wear sandals with jeans very often in the summer (not a fan of my legs these days, so therefore I rarely wear shorts). But I love sandals and today's warm weather has me longing for the day I can bring my favorite sandals back out....and perhaps get a new pair.
On my mind.....thinking about how much I want to get back out to the eliptical and weights in the garage. I miss my workouts, but there's no heat or AC out there so my workout sessions are limited to the warm months. I miss the physical exhursion and the pushing myself to do more. I miss the way I feel right after, the pump, the energy and exhaustion at the same time. And I miss the solitude. I only work out when the kids are in bed, and I put music on my MP3 player blasting in my ears. My music choices are mostly rock....Linkin Park is one of my fave's. The intensity of their music is helpful in driving me to keep going. Counting down the days until I can get out there again.

Picture Thought:

(Fourth of July 2009. John, Evan and I)

Can't wait for warmer days.

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