Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Day to Remember

My little Alexa turned 7 last week. Sooo hard to believe! I posted about that previously, but wanted to share some birthday celebration pictures with you.
On her actual birthday, the children and I went to see The Tale of Despereaux at our local theater. They offer previously released movies all summer long, a couple mornings a week for free! Such a fun treat! Alexa enjoyed the movie and Evan sat through the whole thing! Yay! We went to Red Robin for lunch (Alexa's pick) and Alexa got a special birthday sundae free! She loved it and we all had a good time. After dinner in the evening, we all got to enjoy a special cake that Taylor made for her.
A few days later Alexa celebrated her birthday with her friends. We had a backyard carnival! I had always wanted to do one of these, but wasn't sure how I'd accomplish it. Well, since Taylor and her friends, and Skylar and one of her friends were able to help, I knew we could make it fun. The children made loot bags when they came in, while they waited for their friends to arrive. Then we headed, all together, to the carnival. There were games like Feed Freddie the Frog, and a ring toss game,a Mystery Box game where you feel what's inside and have to guess (that was a favorite), Tower Tumble (a block knock down game), a "spritzer slide" (another fave, especially since it was a hot day), face painting (actually arm painting), and amagic show featuring John the Magnificent (known to Alexa as Daddy), She was his biggest fan! Then the children moved on to the piniata and cupcake cones! Before everyone left, Alexa opened her gifts and thanked everyone for sharing in her special day.

She was so happy with this party that she wants a carnival party next year. I'm game if she is, but she has a whole year ahead of her to decide.

Happy Birthday, Alexa

Special thanks to Lilly, Maddy, Marie, and my own daughters, Taylor and Skylar, who so graciously helped us make this a special day for Alexa. Could not have had this party without you girls!

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