Friday, May 15, 2009

Our Lady of Fatima Teatime

We did end up having a Teatime for Our Lady of Fatima. Here are some of the highlights.....

I was originally intending to make mini blueberry muffins, but then Taylor decided she wanted to try a new low fat cookie recipe. So, since she was willing to let us sample them during Teatime, I nixed the muffins. Taylor played around with food coloring for her cookies and made them this exciting, wild red. She topped them with red sugar. They smelled so good as they were baking.
It was Alexa's turn to set up our liturgical year decorations.She did an awsome job! And then Skylar asked Alexa if she could add one more thing. When Alexa said yes, Skylar added the light blue, cut glass rosary. Perfect!The craft for this teatime was making little vases to put flowers in for the Blessed Mother. I used Danimals yogurt containers because of their size and shape.....perfect for holding little child-sized bouquets of flowers!The girls painted them before teatime, so they could be dry by the end.

(Alexa's is on the right, Skylar's on the left)

Then we began our Teatime with the prayer found here. It was time to eat the goodies that Taylor had prepared earlier in the day.

They were delicious! As we ate, we discussed this book that Taylor, Skylar and I had read last year. I read a few parts from the book while the children colored some coloring sheets. We found Fatima on our world map earlier in the morning. Then they went out to pick flowers for Mary. Their bouquets turned out so nice, don't you think?



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