Friday, April 17, 2009

Springtime Snapshots from our Backyard

Beautiful changes are happening all around us. I just couldn't resist taking my camera outside in an attempt to capture some of these fleeting moments, before they are gone for another year.

It's a good thing I photographed this tree when I did, because the blooms are now gone, thanks to 3 straight days of rain.
I love these little purple flowers that make beautiful ground cover beneath a tree in our yard.

Mr. Bunny was out and about. Love it when he visits!

Forsythia blooms so bright and beautiful.

And nests.....squirrels (above) and birds (below) were discovered.

The little man is crying, so gotta run!




Auntie Michelle said...

Great pictures Tina, your yard looks so pretty and ready for Spring!! I think you should take pics professionally, they all turn out so lovely!!

Thanks for sharing! Give the kids hugs and kisses from us!


Aunt Michelle

Tina said...

Thanks, Michelle! I enjoy taking pictures and think maybe someday I'll look into it more seriously....when the children are grown. ;-) We got so lucky with the yard. The previous owner planted so many beautiful plants and trees that we just get to watch them bloom every year!

Hope you all are doing well and staying healthy. Hope to see you sometime over the summer!

Love to all! Tell Ryan we said "hi!".