Sunday, March 1, 2009

Scenes from our Valentine's Day Weekend

Yes, this is late, but as I've said before, even when I'm late, I just like to have these times documented. My family and I look back on these days with fond memories. This blog is not only a way for me to share with others, but for us to document our lives, like a scrapbook. So here are some scenes from our Valentine's Day 2009.

Roses for me from my dear hubby.
Heart shaped cranberry/orange muffins.

Our entryway

And a tradition we have around here, is our Valentine's Day treasure hunt. The girls get a few clues, sometime after dinner. I write them out, in the form of a poem. Some are "cheesy" but the girls don't mind. They just love this game. Each clue, leads to another hidden clue.
And the clues eventually lead to the "treasure". This years treasure was fun socks and some chocolate candy. Although Evan got an Incredibles notebook, instead of the socks. And Taylor went to a Valentine's Day dance with her friends. It was semiformal, so she had to have a nice dress. Being the creative and talented girl that she is, she improvised. She bought a formal dress at a thrift store last year, to wear to a friends victorian themed birthday party. For that party, the dress was left floor length and some victorian elements were sewn onto/into the dress. Unfortunately I can't find pictures of that....argh. But for this dance she needed to make it semi-formal. So she went to work, shortening the length, and adding black elements with toulle that had gold sparkles on it. And she had some black fabric leftover from a cape she made last year. She used it to make the sash and to alter the straps. She did a beautiful job!She is wearing the little "shrug" over the dress in these pictures, because it was a chilly night, and she was about to go out the door, but the dress actually just has wide black straps.
Oh, and wait until you see what Taylor is working on next! She's sewing her own dress from a pattern! It's very cool, yet unique. I can't explain's a surprise. This time, I'm taking pictures, though, so you can see it from start to finish.
Have a wonderful weekend! Oh, and sorry I haven't been posting much lately. I hope to get back into it. I have a ton of posts floating around in my head, but it's just finding the time to put them on the computer that's the problem.

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Renee said...

How fun your day was! Loved the idea of the treasure hunt, yummy muffins and Taylor did GREAT! Blessings to you and yours. Hope your day is wonderful.