Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Madness

Things have been crazy this month. Yes, we had Taylor's 13 birthday bash......22 teens and tweens here in our house. It experience. It was fun, just crazy. I'll post about that another day.

The main reason it's been hectic this month has more to do with our insurance change. John's company, like so many others, is trying to find ways to cut back. So they went to a cheaper insurance that will not only require us to pay more out of pocket, but is just, well, for lack of a better term....crappy. We've had it before, and ALWAYS have trouble with it.

Keeping things in perspective, though, we understand that we are fortunate that he at least still has his job......for now, anyway. So hard to know what the future holds, especially in this economy. I'm getting a bit off track. The main reason for this month being so hectic is that I tried to fit in as many appointments as possible before April 1st. It's always a pain in the neck straightening everything out when insurance changes. There's all this proof of prior coverage and preexisting conditions, etc. etc. All very frustrating. Been there and done that before. So this month has been chock full of, eye doctor, and regular doctor.....all four kids and us, if possible.

Here's what we accomplished in this frenzy of March...

Evan- dentist, eye doctor, well-check, and pediatric cardiologist (he checked out fine with all of them!)
Alexa- dentist, eye doctor (she got her first set of glasses), and well-check (needs some tests, but nothing urgent)
Skylar- dentist and eye doctor (no well-check ~just not enough time to fit it all in)
Taylor- dentist (1 cavity, already filled~great experience for her with our new dentist), eye doctor ( she got contacts), no well-check for her either
Me- dentist (this was done in Dec and Jan, but it's still done), no eye doctor or physical due to lack of time
John- eye doctor, no dentist or physical due to lack of time


So I'd say we accomplished a lot. I tried to prioritize and do the most important things first. At this point, what's done is done. I will get on all that new insurance stuff ASAP. I find it's best to be proactive when working with insurance companies.

Now I just need to get my van inspected. Did I mention that expired today too? Oh well. I hope to make that the very next place I go.

Not sure when that will be, though, because Skylar just threw up twice tonight and has a massive headache. :-( Poor thing. (sorry for the TMI) Could you say a prayer for her, please?

Hope you had a great March. I, myself, am really looking forward to April....which will be here in about 45 minutes.


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Grandma Jo said...

Sorry to hear about Sky. Hope shes feeling better by now - Thursday. I will certainly pray for her. She's such a sweet one! Please give her a hug from me! Love you all!