Friday, March 13, 2009

I Like This Idea

We now have a teenager in the house. Taylor's been acting like a teen for a while ;-) and now it's official. We are always looking for ways to teach her responsibility. There's a new card out to help teach teens financial responsibility. It's called Current by Discover. It works as a debit card, with the parents setting the spending limits on the card every day, week or month. It also enables you to track your teens spending online. I love the idea that Taylor wouldn't have endless amounts of credit at her disposal. And that it's up to her to keep track of how much she is spending. I wish I had known about this earlier. It would have come in handy for the birthday party that Taylor is planning for herself. I gave her a budget to follow, and she's doing well, but with the Current card, I would know for sure that she only spent the allotted amount. And it would force her to budget, while giving her freedom to make important spending decisions for herself. Oh, and these cards come in some really cool "teen" designs. You can check them out here. For more information and to sign up for a Current by Discover card, click right here.

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Grandma Jo said...

Good idea for some kids and parents. I think Tay will do well with it. And it sounds like it will be a help to you. Did Tay get hers yet? which picture did she choose? Love you all!