Sunday, March 8, 2009

Big Change for Alexa

Alexa was so excited to go from this......
To this....
Yep, my little girlie's got glasses.
And she couldn't be happier about it.
She was just lovin' this little photo shoot. Can you tell?
I think she looks older, which makes her happy.
And this cute little glasses case was just icing on the cake.

She's so adorable. And she's been doing great with her new glasses. Two days of wearing them, now, and she already seems pretty used to them.

At Mass this morning, I looked over at Alexa sitting there beside me and noticed how she was looking all around and up at the lights on the high ceiling. So, not only is she enjoying how cute she looks in them, I think she's realizing just how much better she can see now.



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Grandma Jo said...

Great photo shoot, Alexa! you look very sophisticated and fashionable in your glasses - and older. I'm sure you will take good care of them. And that eye glass case is just too adorable - like you! I'm sure you are glad to be seeing better! Can't wait to see you in person! Love you, Sweetie!