Sunday, February 15, 2009

Newspaper Field Trip

Our local home school group went on as field trip to see how newpapers are made. I figured this would be great for our girls, since they were so interested in the American Girl Kit book series and movie. Kit, in case you are not familiar, has the dream of becoming a newspaper reporter. So we joined other homeschoolers and met with a very nice lady who gave us a tour. First, she showed us a room where these sheets are made. One sheet has to be made for every page.She then took us to the back room where the newspapers are printed using huge machinery. One cool little fact about this particular printing press is that it is 100 years old and still the best that money can buy.
Huge rolls of paper are used that way at around 1000 pounds each! In the picture below you can see the rolls are stacked high.This gentleman showed us the ins and outs of how it all comes together. He also answered the many questions that our little gang had.This section of machinery is where the inserts, like coupons and advertisements, are put into each newpaper.And this machine binds the newpapers into bundles. Although the machines weren't in operation during our field trip, we did get to see this one in action. It was fast!After seeing the back, we went out into the offices to meet some reporters. This lady is responsible for posting the "funnies"! What a cool job!
We ended the morning by eating our lunches on the way home, and discussing what we learned.
We are looking forward to the next field trip that comes at the end of the month. We'll be going to the local museum for some hands on historical fun!

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