Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Through my email, Americans United for Life Action has just made me aware of an effort to pass FOCA one step at a time through the Congressional appropriations process.
They let me contact my Member of Congress and encourage him/her to sign onto a letter going to Speaker Nancy Pelosi encouraging her that all pro-life provisions in the federal budget remain in place.
You can do so too at AUL Action's website, But hurry! The deadline for Members of Congress to sign on is this Friday, February 13.
Thank You!



Grandma Jo said...

Love that pic of Tay and her friends from the play!! She looks great! Thanks for sharing so quickly!

I'll try to do the AUL thing.

Having lots of high winds last evening and today. 2-hr delay for many schools including ours. Also there was a gas leak in Holiday Park not far from where I go to Curves and Andrew goes to school (I think a tree fell and caused it. I'm hoping they have it fixed because people were evacuated last night to the Jr Hi where Andrew goes to school. TV cable is out so don't get to see the news but I will be checking it online soon. Immediate neighborhood seems fine except for the cable being out. Still having high winds today - gusts up to 60 mph. Had one yesterday recorded in West Mifflin at 92 mph (airport). How's your weather? Love you all!

Grandma Jo said...

Petition signed - hope it's in time! Love you all!