Thursday, January 29, 2009


I'm not a huge fan of winter, but I've decided to start appreciating and embracing every season as it comes. We read stories, do crafts and art projects and even sometimes bake along with the rythms of the seasons. One of the joys I've always found in winter is a good snowstorm. One that begs you to bundle up and head out to play alongside your children, and immerse yourself in the beauty of it all. We had been waiting for what seemed like a very long time this winter, to get some snow. Finally it came! A couple of days ago, we got 4 inches! It was a good amount to play in and enjoy, but not so much that it takes a week to dig out of. Here are some photos I took on our Snow Day 2009.....

Evan was so fascinated! I'm sure he doesn't remember it from last year, and we weren't able to play out in it when we were in PA at Christmastime.I'm sure Alexa and Sky remember it well!! They thoroughly enjoy it every year!Taylor's not a big fan of snow, anymore. She'd rather stay warm and cozy inside and IM her friends.....*sigh*.Until her dad recruits her to help shovel the driveway. She's so enthusiastic.Mom and Sky, smiling for the camera....Snow angel!....Snow itself is a nourishing snack? Evan thinks so.Snowman! This little guy is Skylar's creation. He has a carrot nose and Cheezit Eyes and his name is Oatmeal. :-)And this one's for you, G-ma Jo, from Skylar.......

After we went through every pair of gloves and mittens in the house, and there wasn't a dry one to be found, we headed inside for some hot chocolate. Taylor, Skylar and I had Candy Cane flavored while Alexa and Evan had regular yummy chocolate. And some of us enjoyed ours more with a little Coolwhip on top. Perfect way to warm up.

Yep, this day was long overdue!



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Grandma Jo said...

Great pics, Tina! Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you all had a great time - but I'm with Tay! Thanks, Sky, for the Snow Smiley! Love it - but glad he wasn't yellow! heeheehee (ask your Mom about that one - although I think you all sprayed the snow one time with something). We got 3 more inches today but they got the roads cleared so I had no trouble coming home from Mike's after watching the kids. Too hard to take those guys out - and Brayden is congested now, anyway. Mom and Dad work all day although I think they've been out in the snow previously. Maybe they'll go out again tomorrow. Enjoy your snow! Make any snow ice cream? Love ya!