Thursday, December 4, 2008

~~HANDMADE CHRISTMAS~~ More felt play food

I finished up the felt play food set that I was making for my niece. Today I boxed it up to get it ready to mail (I'm only about 3 weeks late *sarcasm*). Sorry about that, Mike and Nicki.

Anyhoo, as I was boxing it up, Alexa said, "Wait, I need to say goodbye!" I started cracking up. "Goodbye to what?", I said through my laughter. She said, "the felt food." So I guess that's a good sign.

As I was creating it, I would show the girls, to get their opinions, but I never let them play with it, since it was a gift for Kyra. So here's the last few items....

A box of chinese noodles, an eggroll and a fortune cookies. These are kind of lame. I'll have to work on improving them. I just bought the take-out box at the craft store to make it more fun.

Then I made this Teatime Tray. This is one of Alexa's favorites. I bought a wooden tray from the craft store, left it unfinished and lined it with sparkly white felt that I cut down to size. Then I put a gold doily in the center. I attached some small artificial flowers at two of the corners for a feminine touch. On the tray are 5 "cookies with icing and sprinkles on them", all different shapes. And then in the little bag are felt "teabags". I tried to make them the right size for a child's sized teacup. So simple, but Alexa was really excited about this.

And last but not least is this apron. I just bought a premade "blank" , child sized apron and decorated it with fabric pens. (Alexa might like one of these, too).

So, now that I've completed my niece's felt food collection, I really need to start on Alexa's. Shhhh. I am so pleased to be able to create something that my daughter is now requesting for Christmas. That's a first for me.

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll be back as soon as I can, to keep you updated on our Homemade Christmas. Hope you are having a blessed Advent!




Grandma Jo said...

Great ideas! The food looks real - even the Chinese ones! Maybe you thought of this but nixed the idea for one reason or another, but I thought it might have been nice if you all had signed the apron! Kyra would always know who it came from! Great work, Tina!! Love ya!

JennGM said...

The felt food is just amazing! I'm just bowled over by the creativity. I'm way behind on reading blogs because I'm busy crafting and getting ready for Christmas, too. There aren't enough hours or days. I always say I'll start earlier, but I don't get the ideas until Advent is really here!

Joannof10 said...

I love these! I know some 2 and 3 year olds who would love some of this food. (I had better get busy)