Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Sweet Movie About Friendship

My girls have always been into the Barbie movies. Way back when they first came out with Barbie in the Nutcracker, my girls loved them. Back then it was Taylor and Skylar, now it's Skylar, still, but Alexa loves them, too. There is always drama, humor and some cool animation. And the Barbie character always plays a sweet, genuine girl.

The latest Barbie movie is Barbie and the Diamond Castle. When Alexa saw this one advertised, she was freaking out excited! Sky thought it sounded pretty neat, too. But Alexa was just so thrilled with the fact the one of the main characters shares her name!

We received the movie, and the girls couldn't wait to watch it! I wanted it to be fun for all of us, so I had to make them wait until late evening. We all got into our jammies and watched it together, even Taylor and Evan.

This is such a sweet movie, especially for young girls! It held my interest, as an adult, with some of the humor, and the animation. Alexa and Sky were just totally drawn into it and loved it! But what surprised me, was that Evan sat there, almost the whole time! He's an active two year old boy, but he was drawn in by the animation and the fact that there's a dragon in the movie, too.

And then another surprise is that Taylor, who is twelve, thought it was pretty cool, too. She was surprised at herself, actually. Taylor does theater, so she was very drawn into the singing. There is a good amount of singing and harmonizing with the main characters, but it's not overdone. The songs are catchy and have you singing them the day after you watch the movie! Taylor also enjoyed the interaction between the young men and young ladies. It was funny and believable, but definitely not the main focus. This movie is mostly about friendship and overcoming adversity together.

So what started out as a movie for me to watch with Alexa and Sky, became a family movie that we all enjoyed together! That was such a nice surprise! So if you are looking for a princess movie, that your boys might just like, too, I would check out Barbie and the Diamond Castle. We are so happy to own it, because it has been watched many times since that first viewing.

They have a new one coming out, too. We are going to have to check it out. It's called Barbie and A Christmas Carol.

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Grandma Jo said...

I like Alexa'a and Evan's new pics on the sidebar - such cute kids you have! And I just noticed yours, too! Beautiful Mom! Gma Jo :)