Monday, November 17, 2008

Creating an Old Fashioned, Handmade Christmas

I've been wanting to do this for years. Simplify my life by clearing out clutter and really taking an honest look at what I need versus what I want. So many things in this house could go. But it seems to take so much time, to weed it out. There's always that fear that I'll get rid of something I need. But really, how much could I "need" it if I forgot I even have it?

Our garage needs cleaned out desperately. Not so much the unfinished part, but we have a storage part to our garage that is so full, I couldn't tell you half of what's in there. John and I have been discussing how to clear it out. At the moment, all of the stuff out there is pretty much useless and pointless because we couldn't find it if we wanted to.

So, what does this have to do with an old fashioned, handmade Christmas? Before I can begin to prepare for Advent and for the Birth of Christ, I've got to clear out the stuff that is weighing me down. I have to have a realistic goal, this close to Christmas, so we are just sticking with the garage. That's where all of our Christmas decorations and craft supplies are now, and where we store Christmas gifts as we create and purchase them.

Lots to do. We'll begin with a trip to the thrift store to donate a massive amount of "stuff" that I've already boxed up. Good stuff, too. Not junk. And I have clothes to give to my niece and nephew, that my children have outgrown. And anything "princessy" must go to Kyra, my Cinderella-lovin' niece.

Once that's all gone, the real work begins, I have such a hard time letting go of things. Sometimes it's an attachment that deals with offending a gift-giving relative and sometimes, I just plain think I'll want or need it. I know it drives John crazy, but at least it's mostly confined to the garage. (And he has quite a few computers and other electronic things to get out of there, too).

I would really like only the most special decorations kept for Advent and Christmas. I can't stand the house being full of Christmas "stuff". I'm not a scrooge, by any means. I just want to surround us with only the things that mean the most. So I think I'll have to try to bring in the Christmas decoration boxes at night, to go through alone. I'm afraid otherwise, we'll get rid of nothing, because my children want to hold onto everything that has anything to do with this holiday season.

For the "handmade" part of our old fashioned Christmas, I plan on creating as many gifts as possible. Here's a general list of gifts I'm creating.....

  • felt play food (I'll put pics of this up sometime this week.)
  • rolled beeswax candles
  • a girls dressup set
  • a little boys dressup box
  • some crayon pouches that I saw over at Erin's blog
  • some of these adorable bibs
  • stationary and notecards
  • fleece blankets
  • homebaked goodies: fudge, chocolate dipped everything and cookies
  • jewelry
  • aprons
  • some other stuffed toys

There are many things on this list, as you can see. I'll post pictures to show my progress. But keep in mind, I realize I won't get to everything. I'm gonna try like crazy, though.

First things first. The garage.... *shudder*

Maybe I'll just go work on some felt cupcakes for now. I mean really, it's too late at night to go out to the cold, dark, lonely pit of "stuff".

If you are interested in creating some handmade goodies yourself, check out this jackpot of ideas over at sew mama sew. And for more fun, join their Handcrafter's Holiday: a blog meme. I can't wait to read what others are doing and creating for Christmas.

Hope you are warm and cozy on this chilly night.



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Grandma Jo said...

Good luck! There are many blessings in just trying. I hope you succeed in all that you want to do. As for me, I'm helping the economy this year (as you well know) because I can - but NEXT year I will probably try to simplify which I've been trying to do for years, but not this year. Blessings on you and all your projects! Love you all!